Blue Wheatens/Wheatens

Blue WheatenWhen Bev sold us our first Wheaten eggs we thought there must have been some sort of mistake. We thought that she had accidentally sold us Black Copper eggs, because the eggs were so dark and beautiful. But when they hatched out, they were Wheatens! We were so excited, and when we saw the conformation we were thrilled. We have not crossed any other lines with the Bev Davis Wheatens, because all other Wheaten lines that we have worked with have had poor egg color. Many people who come to visit the farm to buy Black Copper stock end up buying Wheatens as well when they see how beautiful they are, and how dark the eggs are. Wheaten roosters look very similar to Black Coppers except the copper is a lighter orange. The major difference between Black Coppers and Wheatens are in the hens: the color of the head and of the hackle is golden-red, with blond lacing in the lower part of the hackle. The body is the color of grains of wheat. The only difference between the Wheaten and the Blue Wheaten is that the Blue Wheaten is blue everywhere that the Wheaten is black. It is hard for the untrained eye to distinguish between a Blue Wheaten hen and a Wheaten hen, but a Blue Wheaten rooster stands out in the crowd. Our Blue Wheaten roosters are stunning as you can see from the photos. This variety is very easy to sex early on. There are certain roosters that you can even pick out at hatch. Within 1-2 weeks of hatch you will be able to readily tell the difference between the males (darker feathering) and females.